WorkGenda automatically plans 15,000 employees in 2 minutes and 4 seconds

Use cases

This is an anonymous, real-life example of a call center operator in the Netherlands. We compared data when using an average WFO software vs WorkGenda. Please note how our computation accurately follows the traffic: click on the red square in the graph legend to see it.

Key data:
A single channel
Contracted Service Level per day 80%
Actual achieved Service Level per day before WorkGenda 64.9%
WorkGenda results:
Achieved Service Level with WorkGenda 80.2%
46% labour costs reduction
€1,450,000 saved per year

Interested in finding out what your profit would be?

WorkGenda’s key benefits

10% higher company results

Labour productivity grows by an average of 12% through improved employability of personnel after implementation of WorkGenda. Moreover, the efficiency of capacity planning rises from 100% to more than 400%.

Pay as you use

No upfront investment, no license cost, no start-up or consulting fees. We are straightforward and transparent. Just pay as you use.

Improved competitiveness

WorkGenda increases competitiveness by significantly improving operational performance and enables you to offer unique differentiating factors to potential customers.

Increased employee satisfaction

WorkGenda contributes to an increased employee satisfaction by enabling them to control the balance between their private and business lives, between their private time and their working time. WorkGenda's self-service features enables every employee to well control the type and time of work.


We master all areas in Workforce Optimisation.


WorkGenda’s AI predictive analytics module converts historic data into future forecasts by the click of a button. Seasonal corrections can be easily applied for avoiding atypical patterns. The AI predictive analytics module pre-verifies the historic data and determines its stable statistical profile.

Capacity Management

WorkGenda’s transparent simulator forms the core engine for every type of capacity calculation. By applying the appropriate type of statistical model, the simulator provides an accurate output for each type of environment, regardless the constraint factors. Challenging environments such as omni- channel scenarios in call centres, are accurately modelled with outstanding results.

Realtime Capacity Monitor

WorkGenda’s AI predictive analytics module generates patterns out of real- time inbound data. Using these patterns WorkGenda’s AI module predicts narrow future variations of the real-time inbound data and feeds them as input to the simulator; hence the simulator predicts any change in resources for the narrow future. The planning is adapted instantly through WorkGenda’s on- the-fly planning function.


Workgenda plans a day, a week or a month with one click of a button! Automatically! And if you think that you still have to make some manual adjustments because your situation is very special, discover that you can tune WorkGenda’s automatic planning to your situation. And if you think you have too many employees for an automatic planning, discover how WorkGenda plans 3.000 employees for a whole week in 2 minutes.

Skills management

WorkGenda’s comprehensive skills management module ensures a 100% skill-compliant planning and enables a thorough strategic personnel management; running skill-based capacity management for future predicted activities is resulting in detailed gap analyses, which are easily converted in training and hire programmes.

Time Registration

WorkGenda’s Time Registration function provides flexible means for accurate time recording. Any type of allowances can be defined and automatically applied on the time registration data. After due validation, the data can be submitted automatically to pay roll systems, via different types of protocols.

Quadruple your planners span of control

Research shows a fulltime planner can control and plan roughly 150 FTE’s. WorkGenda increases your planner’s span of control by at least 4 times to 600 FTE’s. Besides achieved efficiency improvements, planners have more time to focus on customer and employee communication.

A selection of organisations using WorkGenda

You are better off using WorkGenda when:


Click on the shift in your planning and send out a push message via our app to all automatically selected employees who have the right skills, are available and are allowed to work according to local regulations and collective agreements. When you reach the required amounts of employees accepting your request all the others receive a notification this shift is fulfilled and help is not needed anymore. Solved easily in just one click on a button.


WorkGenda automatically creates your planning with a click on a button. Employees are then automatically assigned to tasks and required certificates, training and regulations and collective agreements are checked in the blink of an eye. You cannot overrule WorkGenda and will thus never get into a situation where you are breaking regulations.


Just check regularly the alarm overview in WorkGenda. We will tell you timely who should receive training or renew certificates so that the work can keep rolling smoothly, and you will not get in trouble during audits by the authorities. For each certificate or training you can determine how much in advance you want to receive alarms so you can never miss out on someone.


By means of our AI simulator we forecast the amount of employees and generate the required optimised shifts in the future. Subsequently, having created the forecasted shifts, the employees are are simply selected for these shifts with a click on a button. All shifts are automatically created and planned.

We are active worldwide

Workgenda software screenshot, displayed on a laptop.